Remote Classes Intro to Puppy Scent Sports beginning this Friday March 20, 2020

Remote Class you can start in the comfort of your own home, with Live Certified Instructors. This class introduces you and your puppy to the amazing world of hunt/ scent games. Scent sports provides any age dog with much needed Canine Enrichment and mental stimulation. 

*It is a 6 week course that establishes the first round of foundation skills for competition level Canine Scent sports. However many pet parents never compete and take the course solely for fun and to provide canine enrichment for their beloved dogs. 

* In a household full of adults, children and pets, the best way to keep the balance and peace is to maintain a schedule at home and a structure. All parties involved should have their needs met. In the case of dogs, they need canine enrichment and mental stimulation above everything else, save for healthcare.  Mental stimulation is of the utmost importance and how much they are receiving will affect every aspect of their physical and mental health. 

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Vendor: Pet Karma Dog Training

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