Puppy Kindergarten


 Puppy Kindergarten is a group class held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, where parents attend with their puppies to train them in:


  1. Bite inhibition
  2. Off-leash reliability
  3. Basic commands such as: "sit", "down", "stand", "off", "leave it", "stay", "settle" and loose leash walking
  4. Chew toy training
  5. Potty Training

Pet parents and family members will learn basic handling skills to train their puppies long after classes are over. Potty training, chew toy training, and socialization will be thoroughly discussed in a group setting. Puppy Kindergarten is open to puppies ages 7 weeks to 12 weeks of age, with proof of appropriate vaccines. Puppies can attend class with their second round of shots. If pup was rescued from a shelter, you will need to bring a clean bill of health written by a Veterinarian. The class fee includes the class, all written and study materials and treats.

 Three Locations:

  • Barkley’s Gourmet Market in Flemington
    • Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm
    • Trainer Heesun Andes 
  • Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital in White House Station, NJ
    • Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm
    • Trainer Heesun Andes and Emmanuel Hernandez
  • Pet Valu in Clinton, NJ
    • Saturdays at Noon
    • Trainer Heesun Andes

      Cost and Curriculum:

      • Puppy Kindergarten - $295 for 5 weekly 1 hour group classes
      • Puppy Kindergarten Curriculum
        • Household Training: House Training, Chewing, Barking, and Home Alone Problems (Separation Anxiety), Crate Training, Resource Guarding
        • Puppy Biting and Handling: Catch, Cuddle, Exam and Restrain your Puppy, Veterinary and Groomer Handling Routines, Frustration Tolerance, Calming and Gentling
        • Manners and Safety Training: Puppy Obedience Training, Manners, Impulse Control, Boundary Training, Settle Down, Training Games
        • Safe Socialization: Socialization to People, Introducing New Environments, Calm and Confident Attitude, How to Throw a Puppy Party
      The classes are formatted so that you can start as soon as possible, with any module.

      Learn how to toilet train, chew toy train and safely socialize your puppy with people; address puppy biting, whining and crying; prepare your puppy for handling by veterinarians and groomers and prevent household behavior problems such as house soiling, destructive chewing, and chewing.

      Puppy Kindergarten is a set of five classes designed to ensure that you receive urgent training at the earliest possible time. There are three elements of puppy training that must be addressed in a puppy’s first three months of life:

        1. Puppies must be thoroughly, yet safely, socialized to people so that later in life, they do not become wary or fearful of children, strangers, or men.

        2. Puppies must learn to be gentle with their mouths so they do not inflict serious injury on people or animals as their jaws grow substantially stronger.

        3. Puppies must learn how to live in a human home so they do not damage your belongings or suffer from separation anxiety.

      Though not as urgent as the above items, puppies will be introduced to basic manners and obedience commands as well.