Intro to Nosework Online







You can start remote Intro to Nosework Classes from the comfort of your own home, with Live Certified Nosework Instructors CNWI Heesun Andes and Lisa Pattison. This class introduces you and your puppy to the amazing world of hunt/ scent games. Nosework sports provides any age dog with much needed Canine Enrichment and mental stimulation. It is every Fridays, 1-2pm on Zoom. Once registered, you will receive the link to your private nosework group where you will have access to resource material and videos. 

*It is a 6 week course that establishes the first round of foundation skills for competition level K9 Scent Sports. However many pet parents never compete and take the course solely for fun and to provide canine enrichment for their beloved dogs.  A select few will go on to compete or do medical detection work. Lakota Andes featured below is a 4 year old Belgian Malinois, a medical detection dog with the University of Pennsylvania.