Private Training

Note: For a private one-on-one session with one of our certified dog trainers, please click the button below to send us a message with more information about your pup, the level you're interested in and your ideal timing.




 Private Coaching Dog Training I:

Once a week for 5 weeks. This is a private class, one-on-one with the trainer, dog, and pet parent. Your dog will learn basic obedience and manners such as how to greet people properly, settling down, how to wait patiently for things they want, loose leash walking, no jumping, emergency commands, and basic commands such as sit, down, stand, off, leave it, stay, climb, and back.
Dogs age 12 weeks or older can register. $400 for 5 Weeks
Aggression $800 for 5 weeks

Private Coaching Dog Training II:

This is the perfect obedience course for dogs that have never taken a class before or for dogs needing to brush up on rusty obedience skills. We use innovative and unique training methods that are specifically designed for adolescent and adult dogs which may be inattentive or ill-mannered.
$400 for 5 Weeks
Aggression $800 for 5 weeks


Intro to Nose Work

Fundamentals in Pet Therapy Preparation