Meet the Team

Pet Karma Dog Training  is a company founded by Head Trainer, Heesun Andes.  Pet Karma is based in New Jersey, and serves clients in Hunterdon, Somerset, and Morris County. Pet Karma's mission is to teach the importance of early socialization, temperament, and developmental training. 

 Heesun Andes, Owner and Head Trainer

Heesun Andes is a graduate of Rutgers University, where she received her B.A. and completed her certification in Companion Animal Science, at the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Heesun Andes is the Owner and Head Trainer of Pet Karma Dog Training LLC in Clinton, NJ, and serves as the Head of the Behavioral Department at Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital, where she offers group puppy classes, private training, Canine Good Citizen group classes, AKC Trick Dog group classes, Dog Sport Classes and apprenticeship programs for young professionals who would like to learn about dog training in the veterinary field. Heesun is a AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator, Canine Good Citizen and AKC Trick Dog Evaluator, and an Associate Nose Work Instructor with the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW).

Heesun's background in dog training began with her father, who trained military dogs for bomb detection and search and rescue. Heesun helped prepare and attended many working dog trials with KNPV in the Netherlands starting at age 7. However, she never thought dog training would become her career until her senior dog Trinity was diagnosed with clinical separation anxiety. Many close family, friends, and pet care professionals advised Heesun to euthanize her, however, Heesun refused to give up on her companion. Her mission to save Trinity is what sparked Heesun's journey into the world of dog behavior. Attending seminars and conferences around the world and learning one-on-one with renowned dog behaviorists such as Dr. Ian Dunbar, all in order to find an answer for Trinity. After five years, Trinity's separation anxiety improved tremendously with the help of many, and utilizing methods she developed called "Play Therapy." After helping Trinity, she realized there may be other pet parents having these same struggles. She made it her goal and passion to help as many families as she could, teaching behavior modification for dogs that most pet professionals would not work with.  As a result of her early experiences, Heesun prioritizes puppy socialization and temperament training as early as 7-8 weeks of age, to help raise happy, confident, well-tempered, and well-socialized dogs. She believes an early start in socialization and continued developmental training, is the key to ensuring that every dog will have the chance at a happy life. Heesun also believes that adult dogs deserve a chance at rehabilitation, and she is committed to discovering and providing the best methods for dog training in her community. Her mission is to help each client build a deep and joyful connection with their dog. Heesun is the developer of the behavior modification method, Play Therapy and Third Variable Training.

Seminars/Workshops/Trials Heesun will be attending and competing in 2018:

1. K9 Nose Work "Harnessing Your Competitive Advantage" with Amy Herot. April 28-29th. Bloomsberg, PA.

2. Association of Canine Scent Work NW1 Trial, hosted by Pocono Nose Work: Heesun's rescue, Lakota will be competing for his first NW1 Title. He is a German Shepard/Belgian Malinois Mix rescued from Common Sense for Animals.

3. Performance Scent Dog Trial in PA, hosted by Y2K9. Heesun and her students will compete in the categories of buildings, distance, containers, and speed. Lakota and Kimmi are up for three titles. Wish us luck!

4. Applied Zoopharmacognosy Workshop: July 21st-22nd Arizona

5. 2018 Working Dog Conference & Vendor Show in St. Louis, Missouri. July 16th-18th.

Heesun is an active member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the IAABC, where she is currently persuing her CDBC Behaviorist certification.  Heesun is passionate about competion dog sports such as Canine Nose Work and dock diving, and actively competes with her Belgian Malinois/GSD Lakota and 11 year old Staffordshire Terrier, Trinity. In early 2018, she will be studying to attain her certification as a NASCW Nose Work Instructor.  Heesun's other goal in 2018 is to develop business programs for High School youth and College age young adults, by offering business apprenticeships for students who would like to learn how to start their own businesses, especially in the veterinary field, in the field of dog behavior and pet care. Prior to becoming a professional Dog Trainer, Heesun worked as a Program Director for Rutgers University and the Bonner Foundation developing programs for students to serve their local communities in exchange for scholarships for school. She is thrilled to be able to make the connection between community service and dog training. She spends her free time hiking with her husband David and their two dogs,  American Staffordshire Terrier, Trinity, and Lakota.


Lisa Pattison,

Lisa believes POSITIVE training brings out the best in dogs and their people. Lisa teaches students to use clicker training and other force-free methods to help dogs understand what TO DO.   By giving our dogs something positive TO DO, we not only eliminate the behaviors we don’t want, but our dogs become more calm, confident, and engaged because they enjoy learning and being with  us. Positive training is a fun and precise way to train dogs to excel at sports such as agility, tracking, nose work, and water sports, and it’s the best way to help dogs be great family companions.   Lisa’s 30 years of success with both competition and family dogs proves the point. 

This type of training engages the dog’s mind so that he WANTS to learn and interact with you.  That’s why we call this Canine Partnership.  Partnership dogs and their owners are Happy Dogs and owners!

What Makes Us Different

Expert trainer Lisa Pattison has made positive dog training her life’s commitment and has studied extensively with some of the best dog trainers in the world.   She is able to teach a very wide range of classes – from puppy socialization to dog sports to companion dog skills to show ring performance.  And most importantly, Canine Partnership dogs are HAPPY in their work -- they love to learn.  As a result Lisa and her students have a proven track record of success in competition and at home. Lisa and Heesun offer online courses through My Dog Nose for Canine Scent Sports, AKC Tricks, and Puppy Kindergarten. In addition to privates for behaviorial issues. 

ASCA Tracking Judge 4833
Canine Water Sports Judge
Certified K9 Nose work Instructor 104846 
Certified Trick Dog Instructor (Trick Dog Titling Organization)(Gold Medal Status)
ASCA Tracking Judge 4833
Canine Water Sports Judge
Certified K9 Nose work Instructor 104846 
Certified Trick Dog Instructor (Trick Dog Titling Organization)(Gold Medal Status)



What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training (with or without a clicker) is the foundation of Lisa’s approach.  The trainer uses the clicker to provide precise ‘YES’ feedback to the dog and the dog quickly learns that a goody will follow.  When the dog offers the same behavior that just earned the click and the treat, CLICK, and he gets another treat!  “Wow”, says the dog.  “How good is that!”  Your dog feels like he can turn you into a vending machine… all for doing exactly what you want him to do.  It’s really fun to watch the light bulb go on in your dog’s face.  

Because positive training is so interactive, your dog is fully engaged in the process, and the training is clear and not frustrating for either of you.  The success for both trainer and dog is very high.  What a great feeling for everyone!    














Nathan Gilvey, Assistant Trainer 



               Nathan Gilvey is a student of North Hunterdon Regional High School and of the Biomedical Sciences Academy. Nathan has been working at Pet Karma Dog Training for 3 years and is currently working as a Canine Trainer. Having worked his way up from volunteer to apprentice and then Trainer. Nathan helps teach the importance of early socialization, and developmental through working with companion dogs and their pet parents to learn basic training skills as well as some nose work and agility. He’s also earned two scholarships for his hard work and dedication on the job. Nathan looks toward a future at Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences to study animal science, animal behavior, and pre-veterinary medicine


             His dog, Telemachus is a 2-year-old Blue Heeler from the New Jersey Puppy Rescue. He has his AKC Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen certifications, as well as multiple titles in Canine Nosework with Performance Scent Dogs.










  Manny Dylan Hernandez, Assistant Trainer and Playgroup Counselor

Manny is one of the young professionals who participated in the Apprentice Program for Dog Behavior in the Veterinary Field. Manny Dylan apprenticed with Head Trainer, Heesun Andes for two years, and then was hired as an Assistant Trainer, helping to instruct Puppy Kindergarten Classes in Morris County. Manny is a graduate of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, where he participated in the national Bonner Leader honors program, and served the community through outreach and volunteerism. Manny Dylan is an excellent dog trainer, with a good understanding of group dynamics, dog body language, and dog behavior. Manny has worked with many different breeds and has successfully worked with hundreds of clients and graduated pet clients from puppy kindergarten, Dog Training 1 and 2. Manny is currently working on a music therapy project for dogs and people who suffer from anxiety. 

Sara Rivera, Office Manager